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妖怪ウォッチ ワールド

妖怪ウォッチ ワールド

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妖怪ウォッチ ワールド Android Game

Find, collect, take possession kicking - Now the stage of the specter watch the real Japan! It would quirky monsters us and friends! ▼ More ▼

Level Five of 'Yokai Watch' and Gan Ho of 'Pazdola' formed a powerful tag!
'Yokai Watch' the first position information game will be sent!

▼ The stage of adventure is 'all over Japan', the main character is yourself!
Sibanhaan and coma, the unique Yokai in the 'Yokai Watch' series appeared in the real world!
Looking for youkai appearing in various places in Japan!
Let's enrich the Youkai Dictionary by 'moving oneself' or 'getting to other players' to collect youkai!

【Basic way of play】
▼ Let's first find the youkai with 'search' map!
In order to find a nearby youkai, 'search' the map at the place where you are.
The youkai that you can discover varies from place to place.
Do not forget to do 'search' once you have visited the new land!

▼ Discover youkai in the smart screen!
Tap the monster icon that appeared in 'Search'.
Then, so that youkai can be seen through your smartphone screen!
Chase firmly so as not to escape, find your youkai!

▼ Let's battle with youkai with easy operation!
Battle begins when you search for youkai.
It is very easy as it is a semi-automatic battle.
At opportunities and pinch, let 's give out hints!
If you can win a battle with a youkai, you may become a 'friend'?
Foster yokai who became 'Friend' and prepare for battle with stronger youkai!

【How to enjoy more more】
▼ Move with the help of surrounding players!
You can make your surrounding player 'Hyo' (possession) of your youkai.
The youkai who 'Hyo' moved with that person, to a new land.
Maybe you bring a youkai of a place you can not go by myself, or bring a souvenir back home !?
※ By the display of the surrounding players, please do not worry because the accurate current position will not be known to others.

▼ Let's plant 'Youkai no Tree' in places that you can not go on very often!
You can plant trees in the place you are currently and in the place you moved in Hyoey.
Since youkai gather around trees, it is a chance for new encounters!
If you use 'youkai tree' well, you can increase the place where youkai can be friends!

▼ There are plenty of other ways to enjoy. Let's play around with plenty of time!
There are lots of other ways to enjoy Yokai Watch World!
'Descending boss' where you can enjoy a battle wherever you are,
'Odekake map' etc. to look back on the record of the trip ... ...
How to enjoy is up to you! Find your own way of enjoying and play at your own pace!

App body: free
※ There are some charged items.

Before using, be sure to check the terms of use indicated in 'Application common use terms'.
When the customer clicks the download button and downloaded this application, it is deemed that you accepted the terms of service.

Application common terms of service
privacy policy

* We recommend to play on 3G / 4G line in order to obtain accurate position information.
* Please be aware that we do not guarantee the operation of terminals that are not equipped with GPS function and gyro sensor, or terminals connected only with Wi-Fi line.

© GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. © LEVEL-5 Inc.

Yokai Watch World
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