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ドラゴンクエストウォーク Android Game

A location-based game app that allows you to play games while walking. It can also be used as a pedometer while playing games. Let's enjoy the game in the real world using location information!

[Life log management with adventure! ]

If you walk in the real world and move, the characters will move in tandem.
Everyday movement is an adventure!

The life log function 'Aru-kun de W' can record the results and check the report.
Let's use it for health management.

In addition, slime will grow with some results!
What kind of slime you grow up in depends on you!

[Basic way of playing]

■ Incandescent battle with monsters!
Tap a monster that appears nearby to start the battle!
Win battles and grow your character!

■ Let's find a spot!
If you walk the field and find a spot, approach it and tap it.
HP and MP will be restored, and you will get items!

[Let's make the party stronger]

■ Adventure friends
As you progress through the quests, you will have more friends.
Collect equipment that suits your fellow profession and confront strong enemies!

■ Monster heart
If you defeat a monster, you may drop the 'monster's heart'.
The effect varies depending on the monster!
Equip and strengthen your character!

[Let's play more]

■ Kokoro Chance
'Kokoro Chance' that makes it easier to get 'Monster's Kokoro' will appear on the field from time to time.
Rare monsters may appear, so if you find one, let's go!

■ Mega Monster Tobatsu
A 'mega monster' waiting in the field.
Collaborate with other players to defeat powerful mega monsters!

【useful function】

■ Walk mode
If you turn on the walk mode and walk, you can automatically fight monsters and touch the spots! Let's use it on the move.
* Valid only while the app is running.

【I recommend this hotel】

・ Those who are looking for an app that can manage the number of steps with a pedometer while enjoying the game
・ Those who want to enjoy multiplayer by utilizing gps and location information function
・ Those who want to use the location information function to fight and enjoy other players in the real world
・ Those who are looking for a walking game that allows them to enjoy the game while watching the pedometer for free
・ Those who want to enjoy popular games while walking
・ Those who want to use the pedometer with the app for free
・ Those who want to enjoy games with location information and gps functions with friends
・ Those who want to take care of their health by using walking games
・ Those who want to enjoy games in the real world with location-based game apps
・ Those who are looking for a popular game that you can enjoy walking

【Operating environment】
OS: Android: 4.4 or above, memory (RAM) 2GB or above

* For the purpose of progressing gameplay content linked to the number of steps and providing rewards, with the consent of the customer, the number of steps data will be read or input using the health management app on the customer's device.
* The position of the character may become unstable in places where GPS information is difficult to reach, such as indoors and underground.
* Please play in a stable communication environment.
* Operation is not guaranteed on tablet devices.
* Operation is not guaranteed for terminals without GPS and terminals connected only with Wi-Fi line.

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