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Pokemon Gold Sinnoh

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Pokemon Gold Sinnoh Java Game

For tutorial plz scroll down


- new map

- trade pokemon like Gengar, Steelix, slowking, et al scizor can evolve at level 40

- a new starter

A whole new adventure just like sinnoh

hope u enjoy it


- the game begins

- blah blah blah

- go to Sandgem Town to get Starter Pokemon

- proceed west toward home Mr.Pokemon, do not forget to talk to the officer at the gate to menerimu Letter + Kenya

- after getting a Mystery Egg and Pokedex Mr.Pokemon home, back to the Lab to leave it to Prof.Elm.

- proceed north towards Jubilife City> nyampe north Goa. Defeat Rival

- back to Jubilife City. Go to the Radio Station and take upstairs Coin Case

- continue east to Route 203> catch Lapras in the cave> Oreburg City OREBURG CITY - go to Oreburg Mine Tunnel, find the karate expert and beat him - go to the gym and beat Clair - go to the top left corner of the room to get HM05 Rock Smash - now back to the northern cave Oreburg City and proceed north towards Mahogany Town> Fuego Iron Work> Beat Rival - back to Mahogany Town and proceed east to Valley Windworks Gym. Defeat Lt.Surge, then go down the stairs and find it Lt.Surge Dragon Fang - the road to the west and turn north to Route 205> Eterna Forest> Kurt Home. Talk to Kurt and defeat all the team rocket - continue east towards Eterna City> Mt.Coronet. talk to someone who will give you HM01 Cut - back to Eterna City, go to the gym and beat Bugsy - go north towards Team Rocket Building and defeat all the team rocket - back to Eterna City and go to the Mart to get a Bike - continue on to the south to the Road Cycling> Mt.Coronet> Route 208> get Good in a house> Hearthome City Walkthrough by Hearthome CITY - go to the Contest Hall and talk to the gar - go to the gym and beat Sabrina - continue north to Amity Square. Here could trade Pikachu to Mewtwo - back to Hearthome City and proceed east to Route 209> Solaceon Town SOLACEON TOWN - go to the mart and buy Tm42 Flash - go to the gym and beat Falkner - back to Route 209 and into the Lost Tower. Talk to the girl and take all the item - back to Solaceon Town and proceed north to Route 210> Route 215> Veilstone City Veilstone CITY - go to the gym and beat Chuck - proceed south to Route 214> Gate border (keluaq of doors most south)> Pastoria City Pastoria CITY - talk to people to get the Item Finder and Charcoal - go to the gym and beat Misty - go to the border gate and defeat Team Rocket - continue on to the south and talk to people to get the Silver Wing. Go to Route 212> go to the mansion and defeat Rival and Team rocket> Hearthome City> Route 209> Solaceon Town> Route 210> border gate (north exit doors that were previously in the block officers)> Route 210> Calestic Town Walkthrough by http : CALESTIC TOWN - talk to a girl next to the border gate to get Folder - go to the gym and beat Morty - continue west to the border gate and defeat all the dancers kimono, then talk to the clerk to get HM03 Surf - now back to Sandgem Town and talk to Oak to get a Master Ball. Surf south to Route 221> pal Park. Here can get Ho-oh and Hm07 Waterfall - back to Sandgem Town and catch Gyarados in Lake Of Rage, then talk to Lance at the edge of the lake - now go to Jubilife City and Surf City to the west toward Canalava CANALAVA CITY - go to the gym the south building to get HM04 Strength - go to the gym and beat Whitney and get badgenya - proceed north to Iron Island IRON ISLAND - go to the gym and beat Brock - the northern entrance to the cave and grab Iron - now go to Calestic Town and proceed to the west into the goa> Route 216> Route 217> talk to a girl to get Squirtbottle> go to Lake Acuity and beat all the trainers> Snowpoint City Snowpoint CITY - go to the gym and beat Pryce - go into hiding and defeat all the Team Rocket Team Rocket, get key Kard and catch Lugia - have now returned to the eastern border Pastorha City gate and exit the east door previously blocked by 2 girls. Once out of the gate, into the north building. On the grass behind the building you can catch a legend - the way east to Route 222> Sunshore City Walkthrough by SUNSHORE CITY - go to the gym and beat Jasmine - go to the mart and talk to Lance - continue to north to Route 223> Victory Road> entered the cave> Teleporter> Fight Area FIGHT AREA - go to the gym and beat the Blue - further north to Route 225> Survival Area SURVIVAL AREA - go to the gym and beat Janine - talk to a girl next to mart get Hm02 Fly - further east towards Route 226> Route 228> Route 229> Disneyland RESORT AREA - go to the gym and beat Erika - go to the Ribbon Society and defeat all the team rocket - back to Route 229 and go west to Route 230 > Fight Area> Survival Area> Route 266> go to the border gate earlier in the block tree Berry> Spark Mountain> beat Blaine, grab items and Hp Up TM20 - back to the fight area, go to the mart and grab Secret Potion - back to Sunshore City and give the Secret Potionnya to Lance who was in mart - further north to Victory Road. Go to the previous border gate on the block - Defeat the Elite Four Lance + - HALL OF FAME - bla bla bla - continue - go to Victory Road and the entrance to the cave east, after the exit, go into the cave it, here you will meet the Red and Beat

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