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SlideUnlock Signed v4.05

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S60 5th
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SlideUnlock Signed v4.05 Symbian App

SPP SlideUnlock SIGNED v4.05 Lastest Official
DEVICE SUPPORTED : S60v5 S3 Anna Belle
SlideUnlock (S605th special sliding unlock) is added to unlock a cell phone and desktop shortcut enhancements to the software, he not only has a wealth of Canadian unlock methods, but also the gorgeous interface DIY extensions, is that you both enjoy more than IPhone, Windows Phone and other mobile phone to unlock more energetic effect of the sliding, but also unconventional. A variety of keys, cell phone sensor function can play in this software, plus unlock features are fully used, is that you can do can be done without touching plus unlock mobile phones.
Whats New:
Modify the program icon, size and style perfectly matched symbian Anna belle system.
Signature of the scrolling text module optimization, increase the setting items can be set off, static and scrolling Halo.
8 sets of classic software integration, the skin (such as the effect shown below), the addition of a "angry bird" theme unlock skin.
An increase of 52 ** series phone system sliding lock shield modules, according to beta feedback effectively friends.
Perfect for the slide to unlock the menu system while operating adapter belle better compatibility with previous versions and S605th.
Modify the handling of the power b*tton to remove the previous version shielded press the power off functionStarting from 4.0 to replace the UID of the software after the signature, be sure to remove the previous version can only be installed properly, otherwise it will prompt "Update error"
The differents between Free Version and Commercial Version:
As a bug in the commercial version of the user feedback and will do everything possible to meet the demand, the commercial version has all the features shared version also has its own unique features and processing module.
The commercial version of the repeated use of the test based on the complete version.
The commercial version allows the use of touch screen unlock unlock method other than Canada, he may have a choice of open and close sliding interface, version can not be shared.
The commercial version of the skin and background support synchronous skin, custom background theme of three options, and synchronization, sharing only two.
There are eight sets of the commercial version of the classic default skin, sharing less.
The commercial version allows the use of the clock display artistic text, the interface is more beautiful, there is no shared version
The commercial version of a weakening of the supporting skin of shine background charge effect, there is no shared version.

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