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Dino Sim: Jurassic Combat

Dino Sim: Jurassic Combat

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Dino Sim: Jurassic Combat Android Game

Let's go dinosaurs era, for an hour.

For an hour, go to the Jurassic era, you live in the world of dinosaurs. With nine kinds of dinosaurs you can chase, fight, combat, then taste the oldest natural atmosphere. This action can play with five selectable tempo slowest to fastest. The game will be desert landscape or arctic area with many dinosaurs. In each section, You manage and control the different dinosaur species(dinosaur genre, breed of dinosaur). Еvery dino has his own color, sounds, anim of the attacks, hit and jumping. You will become a kind of dino Сarnotaurus, Apatosaurus, Triceratops changing from level to level. According to dinos fossils, dinosaurs are deverse group anima of the clade dinosauria. lizards, reptiles, birds. Dinos have dimensions of 40 meters in length are species up to 18 meters height. (130 feet and 59 fet). Nowadays, cool fossil dinosaur skeletons adorn museums inherited from millions of years ago.

+ 9 kinds of defiant dinosaurs: Ankylosaurus, carnotaurus, parasaurolophus, stegosaurus, velociraptor etc.
+ Glamorous antique places. Magnificent arctic plain, smoggy desert terrain, misty plain, sky and landscape.
+ 5 different gameplay tempo. Slow turtle as fast as rabbits. Play at the speed you want.
+ 3D real dinosaurs action. Run, jump, attack, kill. Realistic fight, difficult combat.
+ 40 different simple to challenging levels and missions (easiest to most difficult, short time or long time, hard, pushover or difficult target)
+ Сombative 3D Dinosaurs action vs other risky dinosasurs.
+ Realistic physics. Real attacks, extreme fighting.
+ Stars and high score system fot each level.
+ Awesome style, gorgeous gameplay, surreal game experience.
+ Selectable camera. Еxtra FPS (First person shooter) mode runner.
+ 14 different creepy dinosaur sounds.
+ Unique and seamless original control wit
+ Natural content, there is never violence and blood against people.

The happy inhabitants of the Jurassic age are some of the dinosaurs of savage carnivores,
Some are herbivores, some are herbivores and some are carnivores.
There is a struggle for survival among some species and for the life and death question
They would fight each other.
Some dinosaur species preyed some. To defend and attack
Еxcellent structures have developed.
Shields knob tails and enormous horns teeth are armored bodies for this fight.

These lovely creatures who lived in the Jurassic age,
It is sometimes victorious from these wars and struggles,
 Sometimes they are defeated. These alive creatures
The most zealous intuition was nourished and survived.
Sometimes the fortunate ones survived the most healthy and strong.
The delidious dinosaur struggle awaits you in this jurassic dinosaur simulator.
Play a successful dinosaur, win a victory and at every level,
 Proceed as a proud monster.

Simulator Dinosaurs
The tyrant king of reptiles is a gigantic epic legendary dinosaur.
It is carnivorous and hunter, the most common of the rex cataract, and is known as t-rex.
Known as a fast thief, it is a kind of dinosaur that can run very fast with tiny and two legs.
This widest type is known for its shields on its back with its barbed sail thorns.
The cruel and ierce tyrannosaurus are dinosaurs that hunt for this species.
It is a small-headed and herbivorous dinosaur species. There are two rows of shields along the back. Нe lived in large areas in northern America.
Wild carnivorous bull. This dinosaur in red belongs to the same family as the trex.
They preyed their terrible enemies with ambush.
Angry and noble carnotaurus can run fast with muscular legs and has very powerful and large teeth.
It has taken its name from the thorny skin, which means armored lizard. A bunny's tail is a dino that can attack on the ground.

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